BHT method

What is BHT method?
In this section, we will describe the basic and alphanumeric information of BHT method for you.
Hair transplantation by BHT method is one of the methods that requires precision because it is used in necessary and emergency cases.
BHT stands for body hair trans which mean hair transplant from the body in the Persian translation.
The hair follicles are the most important pillow in hair transplant techniques that is, a person who has a tendency to transplant hair should have enough hair bank thus hairs can be removed from the head back and hair transplant can be done in areas where hair loss occurred, but in some cases, the hair bank is weak or insufficient and it's almost impossible to take from the areas behind the head or that the desired result will not be achieved. In this case, to fill the hairs and reach the number of possible hair stands, other parts of the body like: the area around the chest, shoulder, thigh, and back can be used with a special tool and they're transplanted between planted hairs.
It is worth noting that for the BHT method of hair transplantation, the person should have the conditions to do this.