Hair loss

In general, if we want to categorize hair loss, we can divide the hair loss into two types that, the first type is reversible and the second type is irreversible, if a person has hair loss, but the root is healthy, he should know that his hair starts to grow again, which is called reversible hair loss. But if a person has hair loss due to damaged hair roots, the type of hair loss is irreversible. When the hair of a person is damaged from the tip or stem, this hair strain begins to grow from there because there is no harm to the roots, but if hair loss occurred from the hair root, then the hair will not begin to grow.
Causes of irreversible hair loss:
1. Inflammatory diseases
2- Infection in the hair follicle
Causes of reversible hair loss:
1. Change in the internal systems of the body
2. Problems with hypothyroidism
3. Vulnerable Diets
4. Anemia
Note: In most cases, it's been seen that some girls and ladies who try to fasten their hair tightly that, this factor is one of the most destructive parts of the hair root, it may not appear in the short term and does not show itself however, in the long run, it imposes irreversible complications on the person.
It should be noted that deficiency of some nutrients, especially vitamins, exacerbates hair loss. We can easily fix them by filling in and replacing them.
It is worth noting that hair shortening does not have any relation to hair loss because this hair loss can be observed in long hair, this makes it appear to cut our hair.
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