Complications of hair transplant

What to know about FIT and FUT before hair transplant: 
The complications of hair transplantation with FIT and FUT method include severe bleeding, anesthesia, pain, swelling, hairline, side effects after hair transplantation and ... which create problems for those who are applying for these methods.
Is hair transplant with FIT and FUT method appropriate
People who do not have full hair from the front of the head (hairline) to the middle of their heads (are bald) can not usually reach desired results due to the fact that firstly they have weak hair bank and secondly, in these methods, more than 2000 hair can not be transplanted and because in this method of hair transplant all grafts can not be transplanted, finally a number of significant hairs is observed in their heads. 
Who are candidates for eyelash transplant
Usually people with thin eyebrows, their eyebrows are fragmentary, previously had Tattoo ... because of the injuries in the FIT and FUT methods and because all these methods are done by the technician by hand and that the eye is at risk ultimately, they do not do the edges of eyebrows and eyelashes in these methods. For this reason, people who apply for eyebrow and eyelash transplant with FIT and FUT methods do not obtain at all a good result. 
Which areas in the head can be transplanted
In general, in FIT and FUT methods, only the head front and beard and mustache can be transplanted and the transplantation of the hair in the areas of eyebrows, eyelashes, beard lines, forehead and ... has been very inappropriate with the above methods and does not give a result because the basis of the above methods is by hand and is done by experimental hair transplant technicians. 
Does hair transplant need a retest or need to be restored in the future
As above mentioned, we can not transplant more than 2000 hair strands by FIT and FUT methods. Consequently, if this number is planted in front of the head, back of the head will remain empty and if it is transplanted the head front will be left empty then, as a result, the applicant should re-plant hair, or in the future, the areas transplanted should be filled with restoration. But unfortunately, because of the use of the hair bank in the first phase, it is not possible to expect miracles in the later stages or the hair is filled because there are no hair, naturally, there are no hair that can be transplanted in front of the head.
Complications of hair transplant with FIT and FUT methods are as follows: 
Surgery for head back
Severe bleeding
No anesthetic
With pain
Absolute rest at least two weeks after hair transplant
Dressing for 1 week continuously
Inflammation of the face, eyes, forehead
Suture behind the head
Use strong painkillers after hair transplant 
What are the disadvantages of hair transplant with FIT and FUT methods
1. Hair transplantation is performed by a technician in these methods and the physician has no involvement in this process.
2. The hairline in these methods is doll-shaped and the spacing of each strand is very large.
3. These methods are done by hand and have human error.
4. Significant points in these methods are the presence of necrosis in the skin after hair transplant due to anterior artery involvement.
5. The emergence of stitch line behind
What is the best method of hair transplant currently

At present, it is clear that, whether in Iran method in other countries for hair transplant, SUT technique is the best hair transplant method Because this method is performed without a surgical procedure, without bleeding, painless, by an automatic device, by skilled specialists, up to 14000 hair strands per transplant session and that, this technique has been done professionally and exclusively at the Renaissance Hair Center.
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