FUE method

Hair Transplant with new FUE method
What is the FUE hair transplant method and how does it work?
This technique is one of the most advanced methods of hair transplant in the world and is certified by the International Association of Dermatologists and FDA.
One of the factors of hair transplantation is having a suitable hair bank.
Many people who tend to have hair transplant, but do not have appropriate hair bank to transplant their hair, can not, transplant their hair with natural appearance and density with other traditional methods, because traditional and current methods in hair care centers cause serious injury to the hair bank of the individual and in the end, the candidate will not be able to reach the desired density.
Who can use SUT and FUE methods?
Basically people who want to transplant hair and look for the best and latest hair transplant methods finally choose the technique (SUT) and (FUE) which are the latest and most up-to-date method in the world.
The renaissance specialty center give this gospel that, after fifteen years of experience and with brilliant history in this field, the hair transplantation has been conducted with these two new methods for the first time in Iran with more than eleven thousand successful and high-quality hair transplant subjects that, this center has been able to attract the attention of insurance companies and, from now on, the hair transplant in the Renaissance Specialty Center will be done with a letter of guarantee from Iran insurance company for your loved ones which is a record in the beauty field in Iran that Iran insurance company insures beauty operation which is done exclusively in this center.
The other benefits of these two methods include taking with the device, without the need for surgery, without severe bleeding, painless, no side effects, no recovery period and etc. which has made this method superior to other techniques and made it safer that, all the removed samples will be fully grown with high accuracy, also, for those loved ones who do not have the right hair bank, they can use the combination of both SUT and FUE methods, note that for those who have a medium and small hair bank, the FUE technique is complementary to the SUT hair transplant technique, because the two new techniques can use the full potential of the hair bank (without causing any damage to the hair bank), for hair transplantation.
For example, by combining these two methods, in addition to healthy removal, follicles are taken from behind, and in the case of low density of the donor area (hair bank), they are taken from under the beard and also for chest hair which will increase the capacity of the hair bank of the individual and fill the full area of the head perfectly.
As a result, combining the use of SUT and FUE techniques will provide the best possible result for the transplant candidate.
It is worth mentioning that the growth time of the hair transplanted is between four and ten months after hair transplantation.
What is the benefit of the FUE hair transplant technique compared to other methods?
As stated above, the FUE technique is a new and advanced technique in the science of hair transplantation in the world which makes it possible to take more follicles from the person’s hair bank and ultimately, hair transplant is done for the candidate with high density.
What is the difference between FUE technique in the Renaissance clinic and other centers?
Unfortunately, various centers of hair transplantation have been introduced FUE as an autonomous method using the device for attracting patients and earning more money, therefore, it should be noted that this method is complementary to the SUT technique performed in the Renaissance Clinic with the 2017 method. It's the same in the world, with the most advanced features and latest techniques, both in terms of hardware and in terms of doing it by the experienced hair transplantation team, provides the best result for the hair transplant candidate.
Unfortunately, in Iran, hair transplantation is still carried out in most centers with traditional methods, you should see the complications that it has caused to those around you who have done the same. Some of these cases are scar and low density and ultimately an abnormal appearance which are not observed in these two methods, and can be done with natural growth line and natural density.
Can I FUE method be used in order to transplant eyebrows and beards and mustaches?
In response to this question, it should be noted that, techniques should be used in transplanting beards or eyebrows which do not have error because it has a certain delicacy. Also the natural angle of eyebrows and beards is important, therefore, the best hair transplant techniques that Iran insurance issues guarantee for them are the procedures by FUE and SUT methods.
Note: Many centers claim hair transplantation by SUT and FUE methods, note that the Renaissance clinic with 15 years of brilliant experience is the sole founder of hair transplantation by SUT and FUE method in Iran and also the exclusive agent of this method.
Therefore, due to the fact that hair removal from hair bank and hair transplantation are done only once, it is necessary to carefully select your clinic.
You can visit our gallery section to see the photos before and after hair transplantation by using the FUE and SUT methods.
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