SUT hair transplantation

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What is the SUT technique?
In the SUT method, there was no need for a surgical blade and anesthesia and there is no sign of scar and cutting, and there will be no complications; we can use fully automatic devices under the supervision of experienced professionals, and conduct hair removal and transplant to 14000000 real hair strands, which is 3 times more than the old methods. As you see in the photos in the gallery section, with this new technique, you'll see a very natural ephemeris and high density, to the extent that nobody can detect live and natural hair transplant. Unlike traditional methods (FIT) and (FUT), there is no need for frequent sessions, we do not have a long time of hair removal and transplanting and fatigue of the patient. The other advantages of this technique are lack of surgery, bleeding and pain, there is no scar, either in the removal area or in the area of the hair transplanted. In this method, we can achieve a three-fold density compared to the traditional (FIT) and (FUT) methods where we transplant 14000 hair strands at a session, it should also be noted that this technique is the most up-to-date method of the American and European day. The advantages of this technique are the naturalness of the growth lining, its engineering by the experienced hair transplant team, high density of hair in this method, doing it in a session and observation of the hair transplanted after planting a natural hair with the length of one centimeter. SUT hair transplant technique also provides zero loss rate for follicles. Because during a process of removal and freezing hair of the follicles, all the removal remain healthy and are transplanted by the specialist very delicately and accurately at the required location, after hair transplantation by laser devices of this center, hair stimulation and rapid growth, we observe the improvement and rejuvenation of the hair strands. (SUT) technique is the most successful method of hair transplantation, and the required amount of density is described by the center's advisors is shown by specific software to the patient. Your loved ones can see the before and after photos of the patients of this center in the (SUT) gallery section. Compare this method with other conventional methods and completely feel the evolution in the transplantation of live and growable hair.
How many hair stand can be transplanted in a session? The higher the density of the hair behind the person’s head, the greater the number of hair follicles units. A hair that is removed from behind the head may be single or multiple.
For example: If 1000 hair strand is removed from a person, the same number can be transplanted. But if the hair is a quadruple, it will be promoted to 4000 hair strands. This depends on the type of hair. In general, with FIT and FUT common methods in 3 consecutive days, more than 6 to 7 thousand hair strands can not be transplanted. This is another problem in traditional methods. Also, in these common methods, repeated sessions of transplanting and fatigue of the patient and finally the low density of transplanted hairs are observed. But with the SUT technique, the person to whom the hair transplant can experience a completely painless and fatigue experience and high density.
What type of hair transplant device is suitable for individuals?
At present, 99% of the hair transplant groups can not experience new techniques with hardware, due to the lack of experience and lack of necessary certificates, and the lack of expertise in this field and the absence of advanced and up-to-date devices. Rather, they only use hand holders (Follicular Isolation Technique). Remaining scar behind the head with the FUT method, which ultimately makes transplanted holes and low density of planted hair is observed. Unfortunately, this operation is usually done by experimental technicians, and physicians are only observing hair transplantation. But in SUT method we see the technique done by dermatologists. In the first phase of engineering, the line is the hairline and then removal and transplant are conducted by fully automated devices which gives the patient a high quality on the growth line and a high density of over 14000 hair strand in a session. Ultimately, the patient and relatives are fully satisfied. Unfortunately, there is a lot of advertising on hair transplantation. Many of these centers do not have the necessary experience in this regard, and they lack of experienced specialists, necessary devices, sterilization and legal permissions. Your loved ones should be careful about this because it's very difficult to compensate for the non-professional removal from your hair bank.
What are the points to follow after hair transplantation?
After a hair transplant, avoid heavy exercise only in the first two to three weeks, and washing the transplanted area only for the first two weeks should be very calm, after this period, hair completely does not require special care and hairs grow, so that even after the growth they can be completely corrected and cut.
What do you suggest for natural hair transplant applicants?
Applicants for hair transplantation should do so under the supervision of the relevant specialist in order to avoid any complications and they should go to the centers that have had a successful transplant history.
This center is proud to meet all the demands and satisfaction of all previous clients with the new and up-to-date technology, which has brought the person to the center.
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