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Why the Renaissance Center: God Almighty has put the hair in the beauty of his servants. The Renaissance Specialist Center was established in 2000 and during this time more than 10,000 people have been involved in hair transplantation and hair restoration. This success is due to the dynamics in benefiting new methods and the latest method of hair transplantation and restoration in the world. The owners of the center have set one goal and that was the satisfaction of their clients. We are proud to announce that most of our clients have been introduced to us by our previous clients.

The owners of the center have set a goal in their hands, and this is the satisfaction of their clients. We are proud to announce that most of our clients have been introduced to us by our previous clients.

  • Eyelash extensions with new SUT technique:

    This technique is in a very specialized center equipped with a fully automated device that is under the supervision of experienced professionals in this center.

     This innovative method of Nora's natural eyelash transplantation, which is characterized by extraordinary elegance and sleepiness, is the natural eyelash extension.

    It also benefits from this technique

     It's no longer a matter of short hair - you see your loved ones see your planted eyelashes and their density on the same day of sowing, because with this technique we can bond the eyelashes up to 2 cm.

    Note: It is necessary to note that this technique is fully grown and for the first time in Iran planting eyelashes can be grown with this quality even for those who suffer from their low density.

  • What is BHT?

    In this section, we will describe the basic and alphanumeric information of BHT method of hair transplantation for your loved ones.

    Hair transplantation by BHT method is one of the methods that requires precision and elegance because it uses hair transplantation as necessary and necessary.


    BHT stands for body hair trans in the Persian translation of hair transplant from the body.

    In hair extension techniques, the most important part of a hairpin is appropriate; that is, a person who has a tendency to plant hair should have a sufficient hair hair to remove hair from the hair and, in areas where hair loss has occurred, hair transplant But it happens in some cases that the bank has insufficient or weak hair and almost does not make it possible to remove the areas from behind it, or that the desired result does not work, in this case, to fill the hair and reach the number of blisters Hair may be removed from other parts of the body or body, such as the areas around the chest, shoulder, thigh, and back with a special tool. And they're done with their hair.

  • What is the FUT method?

    This technique is one of the first methods of natural hair growth in the world. In this method, a beam from the back is removed to a thickness (width) of one to two centimeters and lenght of 20 to 25 centimeters, and is removed by the technicians and the hair transplant team from the hair follicles. And finally, the suture is sutured, and the detached cuts in the front of the head or back.

    What are the problems and disadvantages of this method?

    One of the disadvantages of this method is the removal of all tissues under the flap (Galla), which are not necessary for hair removal and planting. After a few weeks, we are witnessing the presence of scars behind the patient. And the appearance of the hair that is planted is very peculiar and the appearance and abnormal vegetative line are also seen, so that the surrounding people and friends of the person will fully notice the planting of his hair..

    So now in the world, they do not do this hair transplant with this old technique and complications. Why? With the advent of this science, with the advent of hardware and the new technology (SUT), we will not see these heavy burdens. A candidate for hair transplant can experience a non-surgical procedure, which ultimately binds her hair with a high density, in one session,

    It is noteworthy that you, those dear to think about planting your natural hair, are no longer concerned about the side effects of hair growth. Because SUT is going to be done by the specialized and trained team that has gained years of experience in the field of natural hair growth.

  • What is FIT?

    In this section we have tried to explain the basic information of FIT technique to your loved ones.

    In this method, the removal of hair follicles in groups and grains from behind is hand-picked with hand holders, which does not require surgery, and a large number of hair follicles can not be transmitted to the front in a sitting session. , This method is called (FIT).

    This technique has been working for many years. That's not the case, in fact FIT can take more than one session between 1000 and 1500. Also, it should be noted that because of the absence of a physician in most cases with this technique, and the use of experimental technicians in this field, the following methods are applied by these individuals as follows: Includes:

    The hair hole is planted and the scar from the hand holders and in the hair removal area is seriously damaged by the hair dye, (FIT) requires frequent meetings, and most of the bank haircuts are picked up at these sessions, unfortunately, most of them due to insufficient experience in the field of harvesting and prolonging the time of planting the onions and root hair due to the lack of blood disappears. In this case, in addition to the loss of the hair-striped hair bank, it will also lose its growth, and after 6 to 8 months, the hair grown will grow like a doll's hair, so you dear ones who plan to plant. Have your hair before you go to the centers that have a long history in this field, and have the latest technology and technology. When planting in the world and a team of qualified professionals benefit

  • What is the technique (SUT)?

    In the procedure (SUT), no need for a surgical blade, anesthesia, scar removal, cutting, and no complications; we can use fully automated devices under the supervision of experienced specialists, picking up and transplanting Rata's 14,000,000 real hair curls , Which is 3 times that of old methods. As you see in the photos in the gallery section. With this new technique, you will see a very natural and very high density line, so that nobody can detect live transplants and transplant your natural hair. Other like traditional methods (FIT) and (FUT), there is no need for frequent meetings, we do not see a long time, and planting hair and fatigue of the patient. One of the advantages of this technique, without surgery, bleeding and pain, is that we do not see any scarring in the harvesting area or in the hair that we planted. In this method, we can have three times the density of the traditional methods (FIT) And (FUT). It is worth noting that planting 14,000 hair brushes at a single session is also the most up-to-date method of American and European day. The benefits of this technique are the naturalness of the lining, its engineering by the experienced hair dye team, the high density of hair in this way, doing it in a meeting, and seeing the hair grown after planting a natural hair that is one centimeter. Also, in hair extension techniques (SUT), strain and loss of the removed follicles reach zero. Because the process of removing and freezing the follicles of the hair follicles remains healthy and is highly specialized by the specialist, they are highly elegantly attached to the required location. After hair transplantation, they are stimulated and quick to grow by the laser devices of the center. SUT is the most successful method of hair transplantation, and the required density described by the center's advisors is shown to the patient with specific software. You, loved ones, can see the photos of the patients before and after this center in the gallery section (SUT), and feel the difference in this method with other commonly used methods of comparison and development in the development of live and grow hair.

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