Beard and Mustache Transplant

Beard and mustache transplant using the SUT and FUE methods
In addition to the surface of head, transplanting hair is done in the areas of eyebrows, eyelashes, beards and mustaches, it can be done in areas where the hair is weak or bald.
Beard and mustache are very important for men and it is one of the pillars of the beauty of men that, lack of it is somehow annoying and negative.
Hair loss in the beard and mustache is generally congenital and hair loss in the beard and mustache parts depends on many environmental factors that, people go to different solutions and ointments for its treatment. These types of drugs, with the exception of advertising, do nothing else. The only way to treat hair loss is in the area of beard and mustache is transplantation, which is definite and growable.
In the transplantation of beard and mustache with SUT and FUE methods, the desired areas, such as chin, lumbar, beard, etc., can be made normal through natural hair transplantation.
Transplantation in these techniques will be carried out by the experienced hair transplant team without any hair cut, with natural angle of the beard and mustache and the desired model as well as with the line of growth.
Beard and mustache transplant in this center is without surgery, pain and recovery and we can assure you that after transplanting beards and mustaches in the Renaissance clinic you can do your daily routine the next day.
What is the growth line in the new beard transplant technique?
As mentioned above, the transplantation of beard and mustache is done with the SUT and FUE technique, as well as with a high degree of accuracy by the experienced beard transplant team where the hair angle and hairstyles were completely normal and natural and the design of areas required for beard and mustache transplant is done in coordination with the applicant.
What is the difference in density in beard transplant by SUT and FUE compared to traditional and common methods?
Differences in the SUT and FUE techniques of transplanting beard and mustache are used in traditional and conventional techniques in healthy removal without damaging adjacent removal cases. This makes it possible to use all the capacities of the hair bank with high density.
The Renaissance center has the honor that the majority of visitors to this center have been introduced from previous clients. This indicates the satisfaction of previous clients of this clinic.
We hope we can give more confidence and beauty to your fellow citizens.
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