Hair transplant and conditions for it

In the definition of hair transplant, it can be said that hair transplantation involves removing part of the hair lines behind the head or around it and transplanting it in areas with hair loss.
There are many hair transplant techniques, some of which are traditional and some other are outdated which are used very little but some transplant techniques like FUE and SUT are among the most modern hair growth methods in the world and have had significant effects in hair transplantation because in these methods, the least damage is applied to the hair texture of the hair.
Pre-transplant conditions
Basically, the doctor and the patient will hold a meeting before transplanting hair and talk to each other about many things such as the patient presents his medical records to the doctor and the list of medications that has been consuming or still consuming until now is available to the doctor. In this meeting, the patient and the doctor discuss their expectations of the transplant and the desired outcome. At this meeting, the doctor informs the patient that he should not use alcohol and consume minoxidil, preferably do not smoke and ... such things as necessary to be observed 1 week to 10 days before transplant.
The transplant method is selected by the patient himself and the patient is referred to the centers providing the method. For example, in the Renaissance Specialist Center, the two methods of the day, FUE and SUT, are used exclusively. Therefore the applicants who come to the center are consciously selecting the center.
Hair Transplant process:
In hair transplant performed with any technique, the hair is removed from the donor area of behind the head and sides of the head and then is transplanted in the hair loss area under strong microscopes and then, the convalescence period is passed along with the cares prescribed by the doctor and the result is achieved usually after 1 year. Of course, in the traditional method, the patient felt pain and fatigue but in new ways such as SUT and FUE, the patient does not need recovery and does not experience pain and fatigue. 
SUT method:
The SUT method is one of the newest and most up-to-date hair transplant methods in the world which is very popular among applicants due to the advantages this method has compared to the traditional methods. For example, the use of this method does not require cutting and surgery as a result, there is no injured at the site of the donor and receptor of the hair, and the patient does not feel any pain.
It is interesting to know that “The Renaissance Specialist Center” is the sole founder of SUT Technology in Iran and with its medical team, it offers the best service to its customers.
The process of transplantation by SUT method is as follows; follicular units containing hair strands and removals are first removed from the back with subtle tools and then they are freezing in a special way to prevent them from harming and to make the best use of all those take and, then an experienced medical team transplant them by creating delicate cavities is the recipient area. This method does not require anesthesia and is performed only as an anesthetic site. Also, in this method, the experienced hair transplant team designed the hairline based on the model and design that the applicant has already spoken about so that the hair transplanted seems very natural after transplanting.
FUE method:
The FUE method is also one of the new methods that is exclusively done at the Renaissance Specialist Center. In this method, as well as the SUT method, follicular units containing removals are used for hair transplantation. In this method there is no need for anesthesia and long-term surgery. Also, the patient does not experience a recurrence and can do his / her routine after transplant.
Of course, in this method, as with most methods, patients are advised to avoid heavy exercise for up to a week after transplant.
Cares after hair transplant:
After hair transplant, avoid heavy exercise only in the first two to three weeks, and washing the area transplanted only for the first two weeks should be very calm, after this, hair does not need specific care and hair grows, so that they can be cut even after the growth completely the same as before.
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