Hair Restoration of Specific Diseases

What is alopecia?
Lexical meaning: Alopecia is the sudden hair loss, so the hair starts to fall gradually, it should be noted that other name is allopasia.
The cause of alopecia
It is noteworthy that alopecia is not contagious, genetic factors, along with environmental factors, play an important role in the incidence of this disease. The problem that happens is that the body's immune system attacks hair follicles (structures that include hair roots), causes hair loss and intensifies stresses. Unlike most cases, this disease often occurs in healthy people.
1- Alopecia Areata
The most common type of the disease is due to autoimmune disorders (immune system), hair loss in this kind of disorder is in coin form at different sizes. The percentage of hair loss initially in a member is less than 99%.
This type is divided into two sub-categories in terms of severity and risk.
Type One: The hair is thrown in slide pieces (regional) and in the limited area. This type usually responds to treatment well.
Type Two: Head bare hair (around the hair, behind the head, behind the ear). The response of this type to treatment is not good, and the disease resists medication.
2- Alopecia Totalis
In this type of alopecia, the empty coins are larger and larger than the possible amount and they're sticking together, all the hair gets loose, the eyelashes, eyebrow, and the body hair in this type of disease may be preserved. In fact, the hair of a member (head or body) is completely thrown.
3- Alopecia Unirensalis
The most rare type of the disease is Alopecia Unirensalis, which results in hair loss in the scalp and the entire body. All body hair is thrown, so that even a hair is not left in the body. In the treatment of this disease, the body's resistance to treatment is high.
Alopecia treatment
Currently, alopecia has not definitive treatment whether in Iran or outside of Iran. Doctors and dermatologists believe that only treatment is to maintain the person's morale and high self-esteem. The Renaissance Hair Center has been able to solve the problem of alopecia with the help of the hair restoration technique, along with the latest method of the day.
What is the HRT technique?
In this exclusive method, you no longer need your hair bank. Because this center has 100% natural hair bank, which is similar to genus, color and completely twin to your hair. This method can seriously be an evolution in hair restoration.
This method can be done in three ways with 100% natural hair.
- Subcutaneous (under the skin)
- On the skin
- Lay in the hair
Very high density, very natural nourishing line, daily bathing and combing in all directions, doing all kinds of models, using hairdryer, hair iron, wax, gel, etc, and  completely without complications and the next visit.
We assure you that this method (HRT) is the best and most up-to-date method for hair restoration in the world.