Hair restoration for women

What is the new technique (HRT)?
HRT hair restoration is very different from the traditional methods in Iran
A few of its benefits
-The natural hair bank of this center, the very natural growth line, the appearance of person's head calvarium and doing it without the need for cutting hair, is one of the other advantages of this method compared with other methods.
-Your loved ones will not need further referrals and repeated services after restoration of your hair. The Renaissance Center has 100% natural hair bank, both in terms of type and color like person’s own hair.
This technique can be done in two ways for women.
First method: On the head skin of the person with herbal creatine, this hair is unbelievably fickle and absorbed into the skin which is completely unproblematic as it is seen in the photos of the hair restoration gallery, it can be done with a beautiful natural look.
Second method: After scanning the person's hair by the specialists of the center, it is done by a digital device and determining the power of the person's hair root and determining the pattern of head loss. And the confirmation of our experts for performing this technique, and then, without any hair cut, fixes the natural hair strands very beautifully among the hairs as nobody will notice the hair restoration, even your family.
So those loved ones who suffer from hair loss and low density will no longer need to use methods such as extention, which only includes hair length and we do not see any serious damage to the person's hair or the tissues and conventional methods of restoring hair that do not include adhesive, texture, clips, also, in these methods, we see artificial appearance, problems and subsequent observations.
So it will has financially and mentally bad impact on the person.
But with your new HRT hair restoration technology!
1. The natural growth line and the normal head calvarium is observed.
2. This method is without further reference.
3. Having official licenses from the Ministry of Health and other religious authorities is another benefit of this technique.
4. The ability to paint, mesh, hairdryer, etc ... can be considered as one of the other advantages of this method compared to other common set of techniques.
5. Every day bath, pool, sauna and all sports can be done with this technique.
6. We can do this technique even for patients with alopecia and burns.
7- In the end, giving you more confidence and beauty to your loved ones is one of our other honors.
Therefore, the Renaissance Center will give the beloved ladies who are suffering from the low density of their hair this gospel that this center with trained and experienced professionals and three representative offices in Canada and Ukraine, and in our dear Iran, with 14 years of experience in hair restoration, make it possible to resolve this problem for your loved ones in one day.
The technique of HRT hair restoration in our beloved Iran is exclusively done at this center, this technique is the most up-to-date and best method in 2014 and 2015 in Europe and the United States. This technique is observed for artists, featured Hollywood actors and many other celebrities in the world.
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