FUT Hair Transplant

What is FUT method?
This technique is one of the first natural hair transplant methods in the world. In this method, a line with a thickness (width) 1-2 cm and length 20 to 25 cm is removed from the back, from which hair follicles are removed by the technicians and the hair transplant team. And finally, the location is sutured, and the removed samples are transplanted in the front or back of the head.
What are the problems and disadvantages of this method?
One of the disadvantages of this method is the removal of all tissues under the flap (Galla) which are not necessary for hair removal and transplantation. After a few weeks, we are witnessing the presence of scars behind the patient’s head. And the appearance of the hair transplanted is very peculiar and the appearance and abnormal growth line are also seen as the people around you and friends will fully notice your hair transplantation.
So now in the world, they do not do this hair transplant with this old technique with high complications. Why? With the advent of this science and with the advent of hardware and the new technology (SUT), we will not see these heavy complications. A candidate for hair transplant can experience a non-surgical painless procedure, ultimately with a high density in one session.
It is noteworthy that you dear who think about transplantation of your natural hair, will no longer be concerned about the side effects and low density of hair transplant. Because SUT is going to be done by the specialized and trained team that has gained years of experience in the field of natural hair transplant.
For more information about this technique, refer to the natural transplant with SUT technique.